David Reel did an outstanding job in facilitating our planning retreat. He secured consensus within a diverse group of stakeholders and delivered exactly what we needed exactly when we needed it.”

Brett Vassey, President/CEO, Virginia Manufacturers Association

“David, I am so grateful for your expertise and the insight I gained through our last phone conversation.Thank you.”

Kristine Millen, Director, St. Mary’s Caring

“Carl Lincoln is a great problem solver. He knows how to drill down quickly to the most critical areas that require immediate attention and then present cost effective recommendations on how best to address them.”

Peter Stewart, President, Carolinas Lath & Plastering Contractors Association

Shelley Reel brings a contagious level of enthusiasm to every project she is involved in.  Her wide ranging expertise and deep passion invariably generates a commitment to excellence from those around her.”

Terri Clifton, Worship Committee Chair, St. Marks United Methodist Church

 “Thanks to Dave Sheppard for conducting such an outstanding planning session.  I am excited about the future of the PaSAE Foundation.”

Anne Shuman, Director, PaSAE Foundation

“Likewise, let me chime in with thanks to David Sheppard for what I felt was an excellent session…”

Jay Young, CAE, Director of Marketing, Pennsylvania Credit Union Association and Director, PaSAE Foundation